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Closet Raiders is the ORIGINAL Fashion Game Show. (Writers Guild of America 1659273)  This TV show tests the luck and fashion knowledge of 3 contestants! Models present fashion merchandise and prizes, contestants roll huge dice and answer fashion trivia to win.  Answer wrong, and the prize goes to the HOST. But if they roll a 6, they can RAID things from opponents' closets!  BUY A  cute T-SHIRT!

I don't care which one of y'all wins, but I hope you ALL lose.

Renee LaSalle
Closet Raiders HOST

About Us

Michael Joseph James

creator & exec producer

As a TV cameraman and editor, I've attended dozens of fashion shows.  I'm NOT a fashionista, but I thought, "Wouldn't it be fun to have a game show that allowed folks to WIN the fashion and outfits on the catwalks and stage?  "Closet Raiders" is a fashion show, with an easy and exciting game attached.  Buy a shirt, and come to the show!


The show has producers in Hollywood, CA, and Savannah, GA.  The Show's Theatre is located in Savannah.


32 Abercorn Street Savannah, GA

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